Fake Psychic Readings – 3 Things You MUST Do to Avoid Psychic Frauds, …

Fake Psychic Readings – 3 Things You MUST Do to Avoid Psychic Frauds, …

Are you worried about fake psychic readings? You should be! I’ve had more than my fair proportion of “fraudulent” psychic readings….and there is nothing quite as disappointing than hanging up the phone, or walking out of an appointment AFTER you feel like you’ve been duped or deceived.

Want to know the truth?

MOST bad psychic readings are NOT the product of bad people. Nor really psychics who “average” to deceive or defraud you. The simple truth is that they simply aren’t very good….already though they’re often very nice people. And this kind of makes it difficult to complain, or already walk out early….simply because they are likeable. (but NOT very psychic at all..:-)

So what are the “rules” for avoiding a fake psychic reading, or simply making sure you ONLY get great and qualified psychics to do your energy and intuitive work?

– Do Your DUE Diligence. Yes, I’ve said it MORE than once….and I’ll say it again. Your best ammunition when choosing a psychic is information. A bit of background goes a super long way. Check out the reader reviews, and make sure the network, if you’re calling or chatting online, has a substantial reputation for customer service.

– Align Your Expectations: A great reading SHOULD blow you away. You SHOULD expect to get amazing, insightful and illuminating information that helps you further your life and address confusions, conundrums or simple stuff that is holding you back. But DON’T expect a psychic to tell you where you lost your earrings in 1998. Or don’t expect, in a 15 minute reading, for them to have the sort of insight to know you “inside and out”. Like any other great relationship, an intuitive one takes a bit of time, comfort and confidence to truly “gel” for ALL parties involved. (and that includes already the most gifted psychics around)

– Look for a money back, or good guarantee! This is really important to us, and the reason that we predominately recommend ONE of the major networks over the others….as they potential you’ll get an amazing reading. (or you don’t have to pay..:-) Good “customer service” is super important in ALL human interactions and this one, already though it often involves super normal skills….SHOULD be no different..:-) 

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