Do-It-Yourself Sugar Ant Treatments That truly Work!

Do-It-Yourself Sugar Ant Treatments That truly Work!

Sugar ants are those tiny black ants that are covering the leftover pieces of cereal right now that your kids left on the kitchen floor for you this morning. You know the kind. You see them trailing across your floors and counters and swarming every sweet thing in sight. Maybe you have tried everything to get rid of them and nothing seems to be working, maybe you have nuked your whole house with bug bombs and maybe, just maybe, everything you are doing is completely counterproductive.

If you were to take a trip to a department store and look down the pesticide aisle, you would find all kinds of different options. You would see aerosol cans and pump sprayers with pictures of the ant that you are trying to get rid of on the front and logically come to the conclusion that this is a product that would work for you. Only, you would be wrong. This is because Odorous House Ants (we call them “sugar ants”) react negatively to repellent sprays and just about every spray on the market is a repellent (Raid, Black Flag, Ortho Home Defense, etc).

Why do ants react negatively to repellents?

Not all ants react poorly to repellents, just sugar ants. Basically, when repellents are sprayed, you will kill all the ants that come in contact with it and really think that you did a great job, but what you don’t see is that you set off panic within the actual nest. This can set off a course of action called “unexpected” which causes the nest to divided and move to different areas of the home. So, instead of having them just in your kitchen, you have them in your bathroom and living room in addition. The first step to getting these pesky ants under control is to put away the can of Raid!

Do ant baits have the same effect as ant sprays?

No, not at all. Ant bait is truly productive and will not have the negative effect that a repellent will have. The only problem is that they are not overly effective. That is why you need to try the crazy idea that I am about to give you…

Put out some maple syrup!

Okay, this seems like a really bad idea, right? You have been dealing with these things long enough to know exactly what will happen if you put out something sweet like syrup, but that is exactly my point! If you put out some syrup on a lid or other small container, making a feeding trough, they will all come and get it. Once you get an established line of traffic that the ants are using to come get their food, that is when you swap the syrup for the less palatable ant bait. They will take it back to the nest since they already went by the trouble of getting there and it will work much, much better than it would have otherwise.

Trust me, this really works and gives you the best shot of getting rid of sugar ants on your own. If this doesn’t get the job done, you might need to call a pest control company, but if you are cheap like me, you should at the minimum give this a shot first.

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