Direct Mail and Direct Mail Marketing for Window Cleaning sets

Direct Mail and Direct Mail Marketing for Window Cleaning sets

Do you own a window cleaning and weekly washing service? Are your crews operating at a maximum? Do you have spaces in your schedule on certain days? Would you like to add crews and do more business? There are meaningful customers who currently are not using your sets; do you want them to start using your window cleaning sets? There is a way you know? How so you ask?

A strong however inexpensive marketing and advertising program might do the trick. Let me explain; you see, direct mail and direct-mail marketing coupon packages for window washing and window cleaning sets makes sense to attract new customers and build up your scheduled routes. It is recommended that you send out direct-mail marketing to zip codes within a 15-mile radius of the area you wish to service.

It is smart to concentrate on zip codes that have high net worth individuals and businesses. These direct-mail marketing packages should be sent out three to four times per year. It is unwise to send them out every month as you will be over saturating the area and perhaps already cause concern with current customers who are paying complete-price?

Indeed, if you own a window cleaning service or a weekly the window washing service you should consider this in 2006 as an excellent way to advertise and market your business.

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