Damp! How to Choose the Right Specialist Company to Solve Your Rising Dampness Nightmare

Damp! How to Choose the Right Specialist Company to Solve Your Rising Dampness Nightmare

Rising damp in your character is nightmarish enough, but when confronted with such a large number of remedial damp proofing companies to choose from, and undoubtedly a different range of solutions and prices, how can you be sure of choosing the right damp specialist to solve your rising damp problem?

The most important thing to remember is to get more than one opinion when it comes to both diagnosing your damp problem, and quoting for the remedial work. I have put together some guidelines to help you know what questions you should be asking to make sure you choose the right specialist remedial damp treatment company who can solve your rising damp for good.

1. The Company

How long have the company been trading? Are they members of trade bodies the BWPDA (British Wood Preserving and Damp-Proofing Association) and/or the PCA (character Care Association)? If they have a long history of remedial damp-proofing work they should be rather good at it. Do they have case studies and customer reviews you can see? Reputation says a lot in business. How did you hear about them?

2. The Survey

Nobody can diagnose rising damp without seeing your character, so if you’ve been quoted for remedial works over the phone, be cautious! A complete damp survey will need to be carried out in your home.

When the damp surveyor arrives, he or she should tell you what they’re looking for, carry out the damp inspection, and communicate what results they’ve found, giving you an indication of the problem, before preparing a complete written report for you. It may be that there is no rising damp issue at all! Ask them how they have discounted other possible causes of damp such as: Condensation & Black Mould caused by high humidity levels, Penetrating Dampness, high external ground levels bridging the damp proof course, guttering and downpipe leaks and already the dog peeing against the wall!

3. The Report

You should get a complete written report specifically detailing your rising damp problem, and not just a generic “one-size fits all” solution. Have you truly got rising damp in your home or is it truly penetrating damp, wet decay, or is that mouldy wall in your bathroom truly a condensation issue? A new Damp Proof Course isn’t going to fix that, and could be a enormous waste of money. Carefully read by the details of your damp report, and if you are unsure of anything, ask for further clarification.

4. The Quote

If after your damp survey you get a remedial quote that’s excessively cheap, there may be a reason! Have they underestimated the extent of the problem? What corners might they be cutting? A cheap damp quote is not necessarily a good quote – especially if it’s much cheaper than the competition. That’s not to say you can’t get a good deal. Just compare all of your reports and quotes to understand if anything is missing.

5. The Work

Understand fully what work is going to take place. Workmen are likely to need to access the inside of your home. Will they be using any hazardous damp proofing chemicals? Will they be making good any invasive work or will you need to budget for a third party to finish and decorate? Make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for.

6. The Guarantee

Not worth the paper it’s written on? If your damp company are reputable, they’ll have no problem in guaranteeing their remedial work as standard. How long is permissible for a damp proof guarantee on expensive works? Two years? Five? Ten? How about Thirty? Do they offer an insurance-backed guarantee from GPI (Guarantee Protection Insurance), and if not, why not? Make sure your guarantee is worth the paper it is written on.

7. The Service

Once your reputable damp company has treated your character and guaranteed it, they’re nevertheless there to answer any queries. If they’ve worked properly, your rising damp will be cured, and you’ll never need to use that guarantee.

8. Payment Terms

Where possible, always pay for your remedial damp work by credit card. Credit companies offer additional assurance and consumer rights for your buy, so never pay for rising damp work by cash because once the deal is done, you may never get it back if there’s a problem.

These points should have helped you know more about how to choose a rising damp specialist. Remedial damp work can be stressful, but if you are taken care of by a good, reputable damp company, you will never have to be worried about rising damp in those walls again.

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