Current Ascension Symptoms and Astrological Energies

Current Ascension Symptoms and Astrological Energies

What a wild ride the last associate of months have been! The energies have been very intense and very disorganized.

We have several things going on that have contributed to these intense energies. On 7-7-7, we experienced a major increase in the energies entering the Earth. The Sun and 4 other planets were in Leo, which really fired things up. Venus went retrograde on July 27 and remains there until September 8. On 8-8 there was an vigorous portal which opened in the Middle East.

It has not been a fun time, but it has been interesting to watch the results of these energies on everyone. I have experienced many symptoms for myself and then noticed that others were having the same experiences.

Some of the symptoms have included being distributed, mental fogginess and the inability to get anything achieved. We have been feeling like we are spinning our wheels and going around in circles.

There have been complaints about intense pressure inside the head and third eye. Problems with the lungs have increased, such as coughing, choking and hoarseness. Aches and pains throughout the body have been normal. Many of us have experienced muscle twitching and cramps. Dizziness has been a shared symptom also.

The extreme fatigue has been one of the worst symptoms. It seems we can’t get enough rest.

There has been a battle raging on the higher realms which we have all been involved in, whether we realize it or not. I have had to do lots of psychic surgery to repair auras damaged in the battles we have been fighting while sleeping. Thankfully, this battle seems to have ended.

The most interesting energy has been Venus retrograde. When Venus is retrograde, we reexamine our relationships and let go of those which no longer serve us. I have watched this energy play out in many people’s lives.

Relationships that we thought were long over have popped back up to be reexamined so we can see how unhealthy they really are. Many relationships have ended in explosive ways. We are seeing the reality of those around us instead of the facade they present to us.

We are being forced to stand in our strength where relationships are concerned and honor our Truth. Many are being forced to stand up for themselves and take back their personal strength.

There has been more arguing and fighting in relationships. People have been reexamining their relationships and deciding if they want to continue them or move on.

Rumor has it that the energies will not settle down to any time soon. I really hope they are wrong!

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