Communicating With Your Team by Social Media

Communicating With Your Team by Social Media

Communication with team members is vital to your success as a leader. There are so many ways to keep in touch with your team members as you grow. Direct sales organizations used to meet in the living rooms of their members, and some nevertheless do. However, with growing teams in various states and already countries, we have to analyze new ways to communicate quickly and effectively.

Facebook Groups as a tool of communication with team members
Now that Facebook is in over 200 countries, a viable on-line source of communication is the private group characterize. Teams can proportion information, ask questions and learn from others who have faced similar challenges. Making sure the group is private will ensure secrecy and discretion. You can keep up your team secrets close to the vest if that is the way you choose to do business. Or you can be more transparent by having an open group for communication with team members. You can also see who has and who hasn’t visited the group, in order to keep tabs on activity.

Webinars and telephone conferences for communication with team members
There are several webinar and telephone conference calling platforms that are reasonably priced or free and these are two other shared ways to keep in touch with team members regularly. Many of our clients keep up weekly or bi-weekly calls or webinars in order to proportion new ideas or training updates. Because this usually has to be a planned form of communication, it is not a good tool to get new ideas out immediately. But if you want to keep up a call regularly and create a bond by seeing each other, Skype offers an online forum for video chatting. Your team members would have to set up an account, but that is easy for everyone on your team to do, and it’s free.

Google+ also offers a similar service by its new video conferencing. You can start a video hangout with a group of people. However, I have heard the concern that Google+ has too much access to our information and some people don’t want a Google account at all. So there will be a personal preference with the Google+ platform and this is something you as a team leader will have to decide for your particular group.

Video Messaging: a growing trend of communication with team members
Specifically in the European world, video messaging is becoming the newest cool way to communicate. It seemed that when Skype first came out, it caught on in the European market first. Now there are several video messaging options (more if you have a smart phone) that are obtainable to use from your mobile device. The best thing is that these videos can be shared individually via email, or sent out to Twitter and FaceBook.

Sharing a new advertisement for your brand or company, being at the corporate global summit and taking a picture so you can proportion it with your team so they can “feel like they are there”, or any number of other things you would like to communicate with your team closest can be done with video messaging.

If you want to use this cutting edge technology, we found two for you to probe that Hilde says are being used a lot with her European clients. One new app offered by can be used on an iPhone or with Google Play. Another form of moment video messaging is which you can download to a Droid, Blackberry, iPhone and a few other shared smartphones.

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