Chemical Grouting

Chemical Grouting

Structural chemical grouting is mainly used for filling spaces between soil particles in granular soils for ground improvement. This course of action improves the bearing capacity of soil and binds the soil particles together. However, this course of action is not for restricting the moving water by the soil.

Besides this, structural grouting is used for repairing fractures in rock and concrete. In many buildings, you can find crack on the wall and consequently, by using this course of action, you can fill those gaps perfectly. When solution grout is infected into fractures, the strength adhesive fills the gaps and forms water proof bond.

Structural grouting is the best way to repair the fractures in concrete or rock structure at an affordable rate. You can easily seal fractures and joints without spending much. Another kind of chemical grouting is water control. This course of action is mainly used for stopping water movement in rock or granular soil.

For restricting the movement of water, grout is injected in pressure for filling spaces. This forms waterproof inner between soil particles not allowing water to move. When the grout injections are pulled out, they produce a well designed inner, which does not allow fluid migration.

Today, water control grouting is widely used for ground improvement, repairing leakages in tunnels, mines, elevator shafts and underground pipes, conduits and tanks. With the help of this method, leakages can be easily stopped. After injecting grout in holes, you can seal areas which have leakages.

In fact, you can perform this activity from either exterior or interior of building. consequently, chemical grouting technique is very useful for filling spaces in soil and stopping water movement for effective ground improvement.

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