Chakra Balancing – The Seven Chakras and Why It’s So Very Important For Good Health

Chakra Balancing – The Seven Chakras and Why It’s So Very Important For Good Health

Many people do not understand the role of the chakras, how or why they are needed. The seven Chakras are the main energy centers of the body. A complete Chakra Balancing session involves the seven major chakras, which balances and cleanses each chakras, so the natural energy flows freely by the body without disturbances or blockages. These blockages can e rule to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual unease.

The body contains a number of energy centers called chakras which control the dispensing of energy throughout the whole body. There are seven chakras which are the major chakra and also many smaller chakras, operating within the human body and extend out into the aura.

The chakra centers heal the body and often become unbalanced in many people on a regular basis. Following a chakra healing, it is possible to bring the seven chakras back into correct alignment.
Chakra healing can be achieved by a using number of different healing modalities such as:

1. Meditation

2. Visualization

3. Reiki

4. Crystals

5. Yoga

6. Tai chi,

7. Color therapy

8. Yoga

9. Tai Chi

10. Aromatherapy

Although most people cannot see the chakras with the human eye, they do control the dominant function of the body. Clairvoyants, Psychics, and healing therapists can visibly see the chakras and see and feel the color and the rate that they are spinning. It is not necessary to be able to see the chakras to perform a chakra healing on yourself.

When the chakras are perfectly aligned, clear and unblocked it enables one to feel well and enjoy optimal health. The chakras are connected to both the physical body and organs and also the different layers in our subtle bodies or sometimes called the Aura. Each Chakra has its own color and is related to different layers of the outer physical body.

Color Guide Chakra of the Seven Major Chakras

The Root Chakra: This is the physical inner – Red

The Spleen Chakra: This is the emotional inner – Orange

The Solar Plexus Chakra: This is the mental or intellectual inner – Yellow

The Heart Chakra: This is the astral inner. – Green

The Throat Chakra: This is the etheric inner – Blue

The Brow Chakra: The “Third Eye” is the celestial inner. Indigo

The Crown Chakra: This is the ketheric inner – Violet

The seven chakras are an amazing however vital part of the human body. They spin clockwise and anticlockwise and they can also be open or closed. Not all chakras spin at the same rate either. Unbalanced or dirty chakras can consequence in stress, emotional turmoil, anxiety, pain, discomfort, illness and disease. confined chakras cause the organs and glands to act sluggish or malfunction.

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