Buyers Beware! Warning Signs for Real Estate Money Pits

Buyers Beware! Warning Signs for Real Estate Money Pits

Unfortunately, bad real estate deals don’t have a bright red flag waving above the roof to say, “Don’t buy me!” This is where you need to understand what problems can be fixed and which ones you should simply walk away from. So where do you get this kind of information?

Well, you could have an experienced real estate agent walk by every home with you or you could hire a home inspector to estimate all your possible similarities. This could end up being very expensive though and you’d probably waste time on locations that don’t fit your needs anyway.

The report of a home inspector is valuable however, and they will be able to give you a detailed list of concerns. If you’re doing it on your own, then you should be aware that the following issues are expensive and warning signs to walk away from.

If the heater exchange is cracked or the compressor has failed with the air conditioner, both of these are going to take a lot of money to correct. Anything that involves water contamination or leaking underground storage tanks could also take a long time to repair, in addition as a lot of money. Moisture and mold in the basement could be a sign of a much bigger problem that has spread throughout the house. Major insect infestations such as termites or bedbugs can be a real hassle and they are especially difficult to get rid of thoroughly.

fractures in the foundation could be caused by subsidence or structure failings and this translates into major time and financial commitments to correct properly. If you need to upgrade the electrical wiring or the plumbing to adjust to a renovated home, this is going to be a large financial bill. Houses with fireplaces could have problems with their chimneys in terms of separation from the house or unstable structure problems.

If any of these issues are present with the real estate you’re considering, you may want to take another look at the pros of the character. Find out if they really do outweigh the negatives and if you’re going to be able to get into the home for the amount of money you’d originally planned on.

Once you recognize the warning signs of a bad real estate deal, then you can use your money more effectively. It will also make sure you don’t put your family into a house that is going to cost you more than you’ll ever see in equity increase.

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