Benefits Of Meditation To Memory Improvement

Benefits Of Meditation To Memory Improvement

What is meditation?

Meditation is a holistic discipline that trains the mind and the body to focus on calmness and peacefulness. It can help change your life because it can help place you in control of your stress levels which improves your ability to think calmly and rationally. Memory improvement often results from a calm approach to thinking. There are many forms of meditation. One of the most popular forms is Tratak Meditation.

Tratak Meditation

Tratak that literally method, “Fixed Gazing” is a popular method of meditation that involves concentrating on one single point. This could be a small black dot, an object or a candle flame. Human beings are usually restless; it is quite difficult for the human mind to concentrate on something for a few minutes. It is because of the restlessness of the mind and without of concentration that stressful thoughts crawl in very easily.

By gazing at a particular object, it is possible to enhance calmness and peacefulness. This enables a person to concentrate and release stress at the same time. It also helps in increasing the memory strength and brings the mind to a state of attention, focus and awareness.

Tratak Meditation- A form of Traditional Exercise

Tratak meditation has been identified as a form of traditional exercise for the mind and the body. It helps the mind in attaining concentration, which is lacking in the modern world. Today, people are busy with too many things, their mind lacks focus, and they often fail to control situations. This increases stress and restlessness that evolves in the form of different stress symptoms.

Tratak meditation is a prehistoric technique. It is a form of yoga that helps the mind concentrate and opens up the psychic centers by awakening the divine supplies of energy. In Tratak mediation, as you stare progressively at an object or a point without allowing your eyes to blink; your mind follows the focusing of your eyes and becomes calmer and your thoughts more focused. When you are staring at something steadily, you truly visualize that object already if you were to close your eyes.

Types of Tratak Meditation

Tratak Sadhana allows the brain to relax and unwind for a period. Because of the restless character of our thoughts almost 80% of the mental energy is wasted and the central nervous system fails to continue calm balance. However, as a person attains Tratak Sadhana, he or she little by little experiences peace of mind and a sense of calmness. In addition, all unwanted thoughts are relieved from the mind. This course of action also enables a person to gain more energy. There are 3 different types of Tratak Sadhana, which are basically 3 different forms of mediation- Inner Tratak Sadhana, Middle Tratak Sadhana and Outer Tratak Sadhana.

Inner Tratak Sadhana

Inner Tratak Sadhana is performed by closing the eyes and concentrating on the center of the forehead. This might cause some pain that will little by little subside as your reach the ultimate state of meditation.

Middle Tratak Sadhana

In case of Middle Tratak Sadhana, your eyes and your attention will focus on a candle light or a point of light. You will have to gaze at the beam of light and allow yourself to get deeper and deeper into the state of meditation.

Outer Tratak Sadhana

Outer Tratak Sadhana is simple and easy to perform at any time by focusing the eyes and attention on objects such as the stars or moon. People with ineffective eyesight might not be able to perform this meditation as required.

Choosing The Object for Tratak Meditation

The most important factor about Tratak meditation is the choice of object. This can be a simple candle or a flame of a lamp, a black dot, a single flower or some sign or object. The sign of “OM” is also a good choice for concentrating. Geometric signs with mystical meanings specially designed for medication can also be used.

Setting Up the Space for Meditation

You must find a cool and silent corner of the house where you perform Tratak meditation to get maximum benefits. The chosen space should be clean and tidy. Do not get into very fancy meditation accessories or cushions as they can only distract your thoughts. All you will need is a comfortable place where you can meditate.

Choosing Chair or Floor for Meditation

The choice of a chair or sitting on the floor is thoroughly yours. You must choose the position that seems comfortable to you depending on the strength of your back. As you are trying to relieve stress and anxiety, you must be relaxed and comfortable when you are meditating.

Tratak for Stress

Tratak meditation helps you concentrate on certain things and your mind tends to release your tensions. Your concentration becomes stronger and stronger at all levels. As you reach the ultimate level of Tratak meditation, your mind will be free from all types of bindings and stressors that have been disturbing you.

Memory Improvement and Meditation

There are many claims that meditation helps you to enhance your memory and mental alertness. This is an important assistance that we all need and when it is used in conjunction with a brain fitness program the effectiveness of your meditation program can not only be tested, but also enhanced. If you would like a free trial of testing your brain fitness against your peers based on age, gender and education read the resources box.

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