Become a Mompreneur: 10 Money-Making Ideas for Moms at Home

Become a Mompreneur: 10 Money-Making Ideas for Moms at Home

Many moms struggle to find a way to earn some additional income and nevertheless have flexible time to devote to family. Whether you’re interested in part-time work or want to start a complete-time business at home, here are ten business ideas that can fit into the busiest of schedules.

1. Virtual Assistant – Virtual Assistants provide administrative sets to small businesses that don’t have in-house staff to manager these duties. A variety of responsibilities can be offered at an hourly rate or on a per-job basis ranging from contact database management and writing and sending business letters, to designing brochures and newsletters and coordinating mass-mailings. Realtors and small business owners make good target clients for these kinds of sets.

2. Freelance Writer – Freelancers write articles for newspapers and magazines. Most articles require research, must be well-written, and appropriate to the style of the publication. Pay can vary widely from $.10 – $2.00 per information. Businesses also contract freelance writers to create reports, press releases, advertising copy, and other special projects.

3. Computer Tutor – Computer tutors teach students how to navigate the internet, access email, set up a new computer, and use programs like information, Excel, Powerpoint, and Quickbooks. These sets can be delivered one-on-one or in classes held at local adult learning campuses, retirement centers, and churches. Tutors can charge by the hour or a fee for class registration.

4. Pet Sitter – Pet sitters provide in-home pet care while pet owners are on vacation. Typical service offerings include feeding and playing with the animals, yard or litter box cleanup, and dog walking. Pet sitters usually charge a per-visit fee.

5. Infopreneur – Infopreneurs sell information in the form of books, e-books, special reports, teleconferences, seminars, workbooks, and video programs. You can take advantage of your skill in business, hobbies, or virtually any subject matter by hosting a website to sell your information products.

6. eBay Trading Assistant – Trading assistants provide a service to members of their community by acting as sales brokers on eBay. These brokers contract with clients to list items for sale, collect fees from buyers, ship the items and then keep a percentage of the profits–usually between 30-50%. This is an excellent service to offer people who are not computer savvy however have items they would like to sell online. EBay offers a complimentary directory where trading assistants can promote their sets.

7. Knitted Creations – Knitting is a hot trend with plenty of opportunities for generating income. If you create hand-crafted scarves, blankets, sweaters or hats, you can sell them on eBay, consign them with local boutiques or set up a booth at a local crafts fair. You could also teach knitting classes in your home, by local adult learning centers, or at craft stores.

8. Kid Taxi – If you’re already taking your own kids to and from school, why not get paid to taxi other people’s kids? Many parents would be happy to use some cash to make sure their kids get to and from school safely.

9. begin again Designer – begin again designers help job seekers by crafting specialized resumes and cover letters. Resumes can be produced using special software or with templates and a basic information processing program. This service is in need with college students and all kinds of job seekers. Fees range from $50 – $250 depending on the level of work involved.

10. Custom Recipe Books – Every family has holy and favorite recipes that deserve to be preserved for future generations. Creating a custom recipe book involves compiling recipes in a keepsake book using a information processing program and your creative skills. These books make great gifts and could potentially be ordered by everyone in the family tree. Books can be printed at a local copy shop or by an online publishing service such as

If you decide to start your own business, contact your county business license department and apply for the necessary permits. Fees range from $50 to $200 and the application course of action is comparatively simple. There can be many tax advantages with a home-based business so be sure to save receipts, track any business-related mileage, and develop a substantial system for accounting. Soon you could find yourself enjoying the financial and emotional rewards of business ownership–all on your own terms.

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