Basketball Free-Throws – How to Shoot 90% Plus From the Free-Throw Lin…

Basketball Free-Throws – How to Shoot 90% Plus From the Free-Throw Lin…

In this article I will show you how to shoot 90% plus from the free-throw line.

Why should you listen to me? Because I shot over 90% from the free-throw line my senior year in college and I know what I am talking about. Very few people ever unprotected to that meaningful development. At the very least, if you aspire to shoot in the 90’s and fall short into the 80’s you will nevertheless be better than a majority of the players in the NBA.

Why do you want to shoot 90% plus from the free-throw line? There are a lot of reasons, but the most important one is winning basketball games. Last year’s NCAA title was lost at the free-throw line, period.

Here is how you become a great free-throw shooter.

First…you must have great mechanics. form Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics or Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns, two players that have hit 90% from the free-throw line for an complete NBA season.

Make sure you are square to the basket. Right foot behind the little dot in the middle of the free-throw line (left foot if you are left-handed). Elbow in. Release the ball at the top of your shot, just like on your jump-shot. Follow by by putting your hand in the center of the basket.

Shoot your free-throws exactly like you shoot your jump-shot–except don’t jump. Why would you want to waste time practicing two different motions? Ray Allen and Steve Nash use the exact same motion on their free-throws and jump-shots. form the best.

Second…you must use the exact same routine every time. I walk to the free-throw line very slowly taking a associate of thorough breaths to totally relax myself. I bounce the ball three times repeating to myself “I am a great shooter” “I am a great shooter” “I am a great shooter”. I understand J.R. Reddick tells himself “I can do all things by Christ which strengthen me”.

in any case you say to yourself, make sure it is a positive statement. Do not act like an idiot and go by all kinds of weird gyrations. Make it a simple, confident, and accurate routine.

Thirdly…use the strength of your mind. Visualize yourself swishing the shot before you shoot it. See the ball going right by the middle of the hoop. Feel the perfect shot. Be 100% confident. There are studies that show people can enhance their free-throw shooting by visualization alone.

Fourth…practice, practice, practice.

You must practice the above methods everyday. When I was growing up I wouldn’t leave the court or driveway until I hit 10 free-throws in a row. Sometimes that would take me over an hour. It’s worth it! Once you become a 90% free-throw shooter you are in a very elite group. And you can stay there as long as you want.

To sum it up, here is what you must do to shoot 90% plus from the free-throw line.

1.) Develop the right mechanics.

2.) Use the exact same routine each time.

3.) Visualize the perfect shot.

4.) Practice.

Good luck! I am going to write an eBook on this topic in the near future.

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