Autoresponder Script – Automatically Follow-Up on Prospects Without Pa…

Autoresponder Script – Automatically Follow-Up on Prospects Without Pa…

So you need an autoresponder but don’t wish to pay the monthly fees of a web-based service such as Aweber. Consider installing an autoresponder script. It resides on your own server so you’ll have total control unlike web-based sets where you have to rely on others. If their business goes bankrupt or the server crashes you’ll lose all your contacts.

Pros and cons of using an autoresponder script


  • easy to install (company often offers free installation)
  • e-mail addresses include your own domain name
  • inexpensive (one time cost to buy the script)
  • send unlimited e-mails without incurring additional costs
  • no additional costs as list grows
  • build unlimited auto responders
  • easy to use administration panel
  • import existing lists with no size limit
  • automatic subscribe and unsubscribe requests
  • checks e-mail syntax before acceptance
  • ban specific subscribers or domains from your autoresponders.
  • personalize e-mail messages, or applies in HTML pages
  • send autoresponder messages anytime
  • single and double opt in options


  • need a reliable server
  • must deal with technical problems yourself
  • limitations on how many e-mails can be sent from the server (check with your web great number)
  • may need to deal with ISP problems or spam complaints

How does an autoresponder script work?

1. Create a landing page with the sign-up form

The landing page is a web page that includes an HTML form with name and e-mail address fields. When the prospect submits the form their contact information is stored in a database on your server. If you have chosen double opt your prospect must confirm their subscription by replying to the e-mail message automatically sent to them from your autoresponder.

2. Create follow-up messages

After confirming their e-mail address they receive a series of follow-up e-mail messages. To create the content bundle together several articles or blog posts you have already written then create change sentences between them. Your first message should thank them for subscribing and provide an outline of what to expect in succeeding messages. Every e-mail should provide a teaser what to expect in the next e-mail and include a way for them to unsubscribe. Create at the minimum 7 follow-up messages however feel free to create as many as you like..the longer the better.

3. Sell products on autopilot

The beauty of an autoresponder script is that you can sell products on autopilot. To do this include a link to your sales page in each follow-up message. This gives your prospect an opportunity to buy your product anytime during the follow-up course of action. If you set up multiple autoresponders selling multiple products you’ll make more money.

Autoresponder scripts

add2it autoresponder – $47.00
autoresponseplus – $197.00
phpautoresponder – $47.95

The main problem with web-based autoresponder sets is the more subscribers you have the more you pay. for example with Aweber you pay $19 per month for 500 subscribers however once you go over that limit you pay an additional $10 (or $29.00/month). Contrast this to an autoresponder script where you only pay a one time fee of $47.00 with no additional costs as your subscriber list grows.

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