At the 2008 All-Star Break, I Should Be Happy

At the 2008 All-Star Break, I Should Be Happy

Three of my four teams are in first place in their divisions on this morning of the 2008 All-Star Game.

The Angels are a respectable 6 games up in the A.L. West.

The Cubs rule the N.L Central by 4.5 games, and the White Sox rule the A.L. Central by a game and a half.

already the Dodgers are only a game behind the Diamondbacks in the N.L. West.

For the first time in memory, all of my teams could make it to the post-season and we could already see an El-aim World Series featuring the Cubs and Sox.

So, I’m happy, right?

Sort of.

The Angels are a lock, as I see it. They’re the most consistent team of any I’ve mentioned.

The big question in my mind is whether the Sox and Cubs will fade by the Fall. If I were to bet on a choke, it would be the Sox. This is the team that fell from first to worst in the blink of an eye. World Champs in 2005, they scraped the bottom in 2006.

I have more confidence in Lou Pinella in the Cubs dugout to dig his team out of any second-half rut it might get into.

By some miracle, Sox skipper Ozzie Guillen has put hysterics aside this year and just let his team be the news, but I’m bracing for outbursts that could ignite clubhouse feuds and crunch-time losses.

Possibly, the Dodgers are playing in the weakest division of baseball. Yes they’re in second place by only a game, but the leading D-Backs are on top with a losing record. The Snakes aren’t already winning half of their contests.

If the Dodgers end up on top, their post-season chances to collect pennants and rings are not good.

I’ve contended before that the goal of many baseball teams is not going all the way and winning the World Series. It is fielding competitive teams that meet and beat their payrolls and overhead costs.

“Getting close” is no longer a goal restricted to the game of horseshoes. It seems to be the unwritten, dominant objective of today’s baseball businesses.

That’s why I’m happy so far, but I’m not convinced any team but the Angels will pay for a pricey, late-season augmentation to their list, an impact player that would assure ultimate victory in October.

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