Arizona DUI Penalties

Arizona DUI Penalties

DUI penalties refer to laws pertaining to criminal punishment while “Driving Under the Influence” or drunk driving. It also extends to DWI (Driving While Intoxicated/Driving While Impaired), either due to the influence of alcohol or drugs. In Arizona, DWI is a more shared offense than DUI. The penalty for a speculate convicted of the offense depends largely on the seriousness of the charge and the prior criminal record.

DUI is confirmed by either the sobriety tests or an estimation of the blood alcohol levels. The penalties depend on the DUI laws in specific states and some are extremely harsh and complicate. A first-time offense incites a jail term, fines, restrictions/suspensions of license, installation of ignition interlock devices, means confiscation, and probation periods. With an increase in the number of offenses over time, the penalties are “enhanced,” and a fourth time offender is convicted as a Class E Felon and sentenced to one to six years of imprisonment.

Possession of a driving license automatically implies the consent of the driver to agree to chemical tests that determine sobriety. However, a driver can refuse to to comply with the “Implied Consent Law.” This violation has serious consequences during the court proceedings, since it prompts suspicion of intoxication. In some states, the refusal to cooperate itself is considered as a separate offense that results in the suspension of the license for a term or adds jail time to the distinct sentence.

situations have been reported where commercial agencies refused vehicles for hire to a convicted person and insurance companies cancelled their policies. DUI/DWI is considered so serious an offense that a single example affects the individual in several ways throughout the lifetime.

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