Are There Confidentiality Agreements For Couriers Moving Legal Documen…

The requirement that a legal document be provided in a hard copy that has been signed by all the applicable parties is standard practice in most fields. Photocopies, faxes, and scanned copies are rarely permissible for most legal documents. For that reason, there are many courier sets in Miami FL that specialize in moving very important and valuable legal documents for their clients between the various parties that must be signatory to the papers. Because many of these papers represent both large values of money, and information that must be kept private and secret, protecting the secrecy of those documents is almost always a concern for those shipping them, which is why many surprise about what kinds of confidentiality options they have when shipping with these types of couriers.

If you are shipping this kind of item with any kind of delivery company, you should only ship with those that are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement which will protect the integrity of the documents that you are shipping with them. Having this additional legal security is not only something that can help protect your own company, but it is also something which can be used to help assuage any fears that your clients may have about the documents being in transit. You can further enhance security by requiring a two tiered confidentiality agreement: This method that you would have one which is signed by someone at the courier company itself, and require the signing of a another document by the driver.

For some companies, this agreement isn’t going to already be enough of an assurance of confidentiality, especially for those that are dealing with extremely important documents. For these types of companies, it can be worthwhile to use some time talking with the managers at the courier company that you are using to ask about the security precautions that they take. There are companies out there who specialize in moving these types of documents, and those that do might have very strict training and hiring guidelines in place to ensure that only trustworthy people are going to be handling your important paperwork. You can’t get around using a courier to move this kind of paperwork unless you require it only very seldom and can manager the transit personally, so taking the time to find one that will bind themselves to a confidentiality agreement can give you the reliable service you need to keep your company running.

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