Apple iPhone – A Very Different Mobile Phone

Apple iPhone – A Very Different Mobile Phone

A path breaking mobile phone was launched by Apple in the month of June 2007. This new mobile phone is very different from the standard mobile phone. It has a new technology where the phone recognizes the finger touch with which all the operation on the phone can made. The touch screen facility enables you to make a simple call with just the tap of your finger. It automatically sync with the pc. A favorite list for the regularly made calls can produced. A conference can be held by just merging calls. The Apple mobile phone comes with a voice mail option which is very rare. You can listen to the voice mail in any order you wish and not in ordern as in other mobile phones.


The 3.5inch widescreen characterize is quite dramatically. It has a resolution of 320 by 480 which makes the picture quality on the screen quite bright. The iphone user can enjoy wi-fi streaming of you tube content on their 3.5 characterize screen.

The Apple iphone supports a high HTML email client. It also has the safari web browser which supports the yahoo and Google search option inbuilt in the iphone. iPhone supports industry-standard Wi-Fi security and virtual private networking (VPN). The phone is fully multitasking. Here you can browse the internet while downloading the emails.

The phone has quad-band GSM so it can be hooked on to almost any network worldwide. The Wi-fi technology enables it to connect to the networks at high speed.


There are 2 megapixel cameras inbuilt into the apple mobile phone with a photo management system.


The phone comes with inbuilt rechargeable battery with 8 hours of talk time and 6 hours of Internet use. You can also view a 7 hour video playback or 24 hour audio playback on the system. It comes with a 250hr or 10 day standby time.


It has a predictive QWERTY soft keyboard that prevents and corrects mistakes. This facilitates the SMS option.


Extend your iPhone with widgets, small applications that give you helpful information like stock reports, weather reports, and more in real time.

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