Am I Psychic? Learn How to immediately Recognize the Signs of Psychic Ability

Am I Psychic? Learn How to immediately Recognize the Signs of Psychic Ability

Am I psychic? Do I have rare, special or uncommon intuitive gifts? And what should I do if I discover that I am? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at the signs you are psychic, and the sort of things you MUST do if you want to cultivate your intuition further….once you recognize it’s there. disinctive to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

The SIGNS you are psychic?

Precognition is the big one. (seeing things before they truly happen) Dreams, or strange “visions” that take place between waking and sleeping. (often called the hynagogic state where creative consciousness is MOST likely to run free) Recollection of past lives, deja vu experiences, or simply ingemination of events that PREDATE, (or already POST date) your present life. Seeing auras, or emotional energy around people, places and already some things. Simply put…these and other strange, anomalous experiences are a good sign your psychic intuition and spiritual energy are more developed than most.

What should I DO if I discover I am having instinctive psychic experiences?

Don’t panic! Rejoice..:-) Psychic powers, abilities and skills are amongst the most exciting, exhilarating and life changing experiences you can characterize. instead of hide them, or be ashamed of them, embrace their strength….and possible. How? If you are having instinctive experiences, learn to control and cultivate them with practice. Meditate. Learn, study and research the sorts of skills you are starting to characterize. And instead of hide what’s happening, CELEBRATE it instead. (you’ll find they grow stronger when you show them some love..:-)

What about seeing OTHER psychics? Can that help prove I have special skills in addition?

Absolutely! Talking to, or getting consolations with other psychic sensitive is a great way of recognizing your own abilities…simply because they will often pick up on your energy before you do! Much like learning, developing and cultivating any other talent or latent ability, surrounding yourself with others who proportion the gift is a great way of taking your “powers” to the next level, and make it happen in a hurry in addition.

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