All Star Weekend in Sin City

All Star Weekend in Sin City

Players are dropping like flies for this Sunday’s 56th All-Star Game in Las Vegas. I’m sure Nash, Iverson, Ming, Boozer, and Kidd won’t mind sitting this one out and staying out a little later on the town. This weekend’s All-Star festivities are numerous with the D-League All-Star game getting additional to the Rookie Challenge, Slam Dunk Contest, Three-point Shootout, Skills Challenge, Shooting Stars, and the main event. already more numerous is the list of off the court festivities-parties being thrown and attended by hip hop artists and movie stars in addition as specialized athletes. These parties are likely to make the Super Bowl parties down in Miami look like a middle school dance. With people living by the mantra “what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas,” I will be surprised if we don’t catch an athlete or pop culture icon over indulging this weekend. It’s pretty surprising really that Dave Stern agreed to having such an event in Sin City, and that an NBA team will more than likely call Vegas home in our lifetimes, with the image that Stern is trying to portray for his league. He’s either naïve or loves making statements in regards to player mistakes.

Somewhere in between the Dwayne Wade-Jamie Foxx party and the Tracy McGrady-P. Diddy gathering, basketball will be played, but it won’t be the main focus for the any of the players. What can we expect in All Star Game number 56? We can expect the same thing we see every All-Star game except for a little worse. You will see three quarters of absolutely no defense and sloppy passes in hopes of one making a highlight reel. With Nash not playing in this one, I really don’t care to see other players try to imitate the passes he makes day in and day out against teams concerned with stopping him. Never the less, we will likely see a behind the back pass go out of bounds and an alley oop thrown by someone who has no business throwing it hit the rim or the top of the backboard. If the game is close down the stretch, which it should be, we can expect both squads to pick up their play in the fourth quarter and play some real basketball.

With the without of defense that’s played in most of this game, we usually count on a high-scoring affair. Don’t be surprised to see a little bit lower scoring game this year. Players will be burning the midnight oil on the slots, tables, parties, and more things that fit into the “what happens in Vegas…” category. All in all, the late nights should add up to a lower scoring game.

The Vegas nightlife could truly affect the All-Star game vets more than the first timers such as Caron Butler, Dwight Howard, Joe Johnson, Josh Howard, Mehmet Okur, and Carmello Anthony. I think the young guys will look to make a mark on this game going head to head with some of the upperclassmen of the NBA. I think Caron Butler could truly shine out of the first timers. With that being said, the game might not be much to watch. Expect the off the court festivities to rule the attention of the players and the media this weekend.

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