Air Conditioner Review – The Best Air Conditioner For You is Probably …

Air Conditioner Review – The Best Air Conditioner For You is Probably …

When looking for a new Air Conditioner many people are attracted to the well know brands names. These companies seem to get the attention, often because of the large advertising budgets. They become household names that pop into your head when you think about air conditioning or heating. The thing that I have found by many years in the industry is that the big brand names often are not the best quality equipment.

Many years ago I was working for a HVAC company that sold a top name line of equipment. They had a service department that I was a part of. Fixing equipment the failed or broke was what I did everyday. I thought that a certain amount of failures was “normal”. It was not until I started on my own and had the opportunity to sell other equipment that I found out that there was other equipment sold that did not have near the failure rate of this top brand name equipment.

After watching this pattern for many years now I have come to the conclusion that spending the big bucks for that brand name is usually not the best way to go. That also method that there is also some cheap stuff out there that you don not want to touch either. Find the middle ground, shop around for the good quality stuff that is in the middle price range. You will get a lot more for your money and probably be much happier in the long run.

The guys in the middle are putting there money into making a better product for you and not spending it on those slick advertising campaigns to get you to buy something that has not been adequately tested and tried before rushing it to the market place. The middle of the road guys also are very concerned about their name because they depend on people being satisfied with their product to advertise for them.

Now you know that the big guy is not always the better guy. Do your homework and research not only the brand that you plan to install but the installers themselves. already the best quality equipment can be ruined by a poor installation. My recommendation is to find the guy that will proudly show you his work and give you the names and numbers of people that he has installed equipment for. If your installer is willing to do this without hesitation, then you have a winner!

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