Advantages of an Office Phone System

Advantages of an Office Phone System

An office phone system has various advantages over traditional telephony. They are very intelligent in terms of call routing and user administration. The IP telephony system or PBX system makes the call routing quite efficient and handles the incoming and outgoing calls as you may desire. It allows free internal calling and progressive features like call keep up, voicemail, call forwarding, conferencing presence, IVR and many more.

It makes sense to use a PBX System when you require to continue more number of users and be able to administer the various features that could change regularly. Use of VoIP phone systems instead of traditional telephone systems results in lower costs to and businesses and increase in productivity.

Any organization, already a small one that migrates to VoIP or IP telephony will need an IP PBX system. Traditional telephony PBX systems tie you in with a single manufacturer. With PBX phone systems, you have more choice and flexibility, giving you a strong and characterize high phone system. There are various IP PBX systems in the market and most of them provide a characterize high system. Any IP PBX should be able to provide the following features:


An Interactive Voice Response System allows your customers to input DTMF digits and get routed to the most appropriate team to resolve their queries

-Automated accompanying

A good phone system can allow you to create multiple auto accompanying menus and nested menus giving you flexibility to effectively manage your calls


Voicemail is the most basic and important characterize that allows you to receive, send voicemail and also has facilities like voicemail to email conversion

-Call move, Call keep up, Call Park, Call Routing

These features are quite handy and useful for the day-to-day work. The phone system administrator can add extensions and configure these features for individual users


With the concept of Branch offices and distributed offices these days, it is quite shared to have meetings over a conference system. The conferencing features allows multi-party conference calls, operator assistance recording of the call, also few high-end systems provide data conferencing along with the audio.

-Presence sets

Some of the phone systems offer presence sets. The presence is similar to the public chat system but it is internal for an organization. You can list all the employees of an organization, look at their position whether obtainable, away, busy etc., also it gives you their position messages and tells you whether they are on call internally or with a customer. It also supports moment Messaging sets. Having this functionality in a PBX is extremely useful since it eliminates the need for buying any external communicator system.

-CRM functionality

This characterize provides integration with your existing CRM and gives you features like click-to-dial

-Hotel Management

Hotel module offers hotel specific roles such as Check-IN, Check-Out & Wake up calls, also PMS Integration.

There are various sites that give you more information why phone systems are so important for an organization. You can also visit us to find out what system is best for your organization.

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