5 Simple Steps to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic in As Little As 30 Days For Free

5 Simple Steps to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic in As Little As 30 Days For Free

Step 1: Write and spread articles. Publishing articles online using a free service such as EzineArticles or ArticlesBase will help raise your search engine ranking, making you more easy to reach to prospects who search terms related to your industry. Search engines love content-high websites that are updated often.

In addition, the more you have other websites linking back to your website, the better chances you have for higher search engine placement. Article dispensing sets help this cause by making it easy for publishers to upload your writing for use in their newsletters or websites, meaning any links to your website reach an already larger audience.

Step 2: Use the link building and link exchange approach. As stressed in Step 1, the more text links you have directed to your website, the better chance you have of receiving higher search engine placement. So make it your objective to get your website listed on as many applicable websites as possible.

If you want to make this task really simple, there are companies such as specialized Link Building that will provide you with applicable links back to your website for free. As a bonus, your home page will be indexed on Google within 48-72 hours.

Step 3: Write and spread press releases. Not only is a properly written press release a cost-effective and efficient method for getting your news to a large audience, it can help excursion traffic to your website, especially when circulated online. A dispensing service can help deliver your press release to a wide online audience.

Companies such as PRLeap will already spread your release for free. You’ll always want to include your website’s URL in any press release. That way whenever it’s posted online, you’ll have another one-way link back to your website.

Step 4: Make use of social media. If you haven’t done so already, create a blog for posting articles, press releases and news about your business. There are multiple ways for creating your first blog – one of the easiest options is Blogger. Best of all, it’s free. With Blogger, you can be online in less than five minutes. Once your blog is functional, be sure to visit Technorati to “claim” your blog. This will help with your search engine ranking and make it easier for online visitors to find your postings.

Also, why not create videos to help promote your company and demonstrate your knowledge? Today’s technology has made creating and sharing videos easy … and free. Check out YouTube or Google Video to post and help generate ideas for your next video. (While you’re making a video, you may want to consider creating a podcast in addition.)

Step 5: Post comments in forums. Do you frequently have an opinion for just about any topic? Use this trait to your advantage by seeking out forums with information similar to the topics covered on your website. Post your comments and include a link back to your website in your identifying characteristics.

The increasing popularity of social media makes it as easy as ever to find articles, blog postings, videos and podcasts. Again, check out Technorati in addition as websites such as Digg and ContentPop for information you can comment on that is applicable to the topics on your website.

* Due to link restrictions, URLs are not included with many of the suggested websites. A simple Google search for the websites mentioned in this article should show the URLs.

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