4 Ways to Advertise Your Astrology Business (The Secret Is to Start fo…

4 Ways to Advertise Your Astrology Business (The Secret Is to Start fo…

Who else is about to set afloat their astrology, new age or spiritual counseling business? Are you looking for some inventive, rare and profitable places to advertise your sets… but don’t have much of a budget to begin?

The truth is, as you probably already know… about 85% of all specialized astrologers, psychics, mediums, energy workers and new age advisors of ANY kind never make any real money at all.


It’s a tough, competitive business… and success has much less to do with skill, as it does with strategy. (in other words, some of the most well known dn successful astrologers, clairvoyants and spiritual coaches are the least talented, and some of the BEST, wallow in obscurity forever)

With that in mind, I want to offer you a very simple series of steps you can use to set afloat your brand and business TODAY, starting from scratch and quite often, getting your first clients in a matter of days.

disinctive? Let’s take a look at the list below!

1 – Article Syndication. Simply stated, writing articles (like this one) for the purpose of spreading your message around the web is a very powerful way of extending your influence, and building your brand, often to places that you couldn’t reach on your own. Remember, many content directories get millions of visitors a day, and the spiritual, personal development and new age categories are VERY popular in addition.

2 – Online Classifieds. Believe it or not, some of my clients have built their complete businesses on the back of Craigslist and Backpage.com. By virtue of their hyper local focus, you can quickly and easily establish yourself as a credible spiritual coach or counselor in your local community with fast, fun and FREE ads that transform like crazy. Remember, already if you only get 2 or 3 responses per ad, and you are running 1 ad a day (which is modest), and get 1 new client for every 3 or 4 calls, you can be earning good money within 10-14 days if you keep it up!

3 – Find hyper local blogs and offer to contribute content

Of course building your own brand blog is important… but so too is finding other local blogs and news supplies in your community, and contributing to them. The truth is, 1 blog post in an arts and entertainment or lifestyle section of your online newspaper or community site can generate enough traffic to keep you busy for weeks, months or already years to come. (The secret is HOW you include the visitors to keep them coming back!)

4 – Start using Tumblr aggressively! Why? Because it’s fun, easy and a creative way to curate content in your niche… and to develop a community of fans, friends and followers who will help you spread your message and grow your audience. In many ways, Tumblr is FAR superior for business than Twitter and Facebook, and in addition… not 1 in 50 coaches, teachers, trainers, and “spiritual professionals” have ever used it. (it’s also 100% free, and great fun to boot!)

The bottom line?

If you feel a sense of PURPOSE and passion about your ability to help, contribute and offer hope and healing to people of need, you CAN build a hyper profitable, and rewarding business doing work that you love. But DON’T wait. Instead – if your truly good at what you do, follow the simple tips above, and start getting your first clients, BEFORE they find someone who doesn’t have your gift, instead).

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