3 Easy Steps to More Real Estate Leads

3 Easy Steps to More Real Estate Leads

Need More Real Estate Leads? Don’t have a lot of money to use on getting them? Then join the club. But believe it or not there are ways to generate low cost leads and have fun giving back to your local community at the same time.

nevertheless, I’m one of the first ones to let in that rule generation is a challenging, current, never ending course of action. As long as you’re in real estate sales you’ll need leads…and plenty of them.

So, where do you find them? The short answer is everywhere.

For example, if you have kids their schools are excellent places to network for leads. Relationships established that can easily span thirteen or more years (kindergarten by 12th grade). And given that people move sometimes on average once every 7 years or so the majority of them will potentially be repeat customers.

To get most out of your networking efforts you should to always use something that identifies you as a real estate agent; a logo on a baseball cap, tee shirt, polo shirt, windbreaker, sports coat, that Century 21 Gold Blazer, etc.

Plus, always be prepared to give away business cards, but only when people ask for them. You don’t want to be perceived as an obnoxious, pushy salesperson that people want to avoid. That would be a terrible position for both you and your kids to be in. And what’s the point of being pushy anyway, as you’ll have up to 13 years to cultivate relationships with them.

The point is this…always be in a marketing and advertising mode; as real estate rule generation can be a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week endeavor.

Another strategy is to register your children in sports activities; basketball, football, track, cheer leading, swimming, etc. The benefits are your kids will be healthier because of the physical activity and it will create more relationship building experiences.

Whether it’s a football game, soccer tournament or track meet you’re likely to find hundreds of people gathered on any given weekend to sustain and cheer on their kids.

Here’s another tip. In addition to advertising by body use, polo shirts, baseball caps, tee shirts and the like you can also spread flyers by placing them on windshields of vehicles parked at the event.

Finally, sponsor scholarships for kids who can’t provide to attend additional-curricular activities; like field trips, registration fees to play sports, etc. Unfortunately, many kids can’t provide participation already low cost events, including ones costing as little as $5.00 – $10.00.

And you can do this without hurting your pocket. Here’s how.

Have a standing agreement with your child’s teacher to sponsor 1-2 kids throughout the year for different events. And without ever boasting about what you’re doing (please don’t) you’ll generate a lot of good will while being recognized by the teacher, school administration and parent as a caring, sharing person.

You’ll feel good about providing positive, lifelong memories for kids while making positive, business building relationships.

Well, there you have it it – 3 low cost, effective ways to generate more real estate leads. Work them consistently, year end and year out and you’ll develop a strong network of parents, teachers and school administrators that will do repeat business with you for years to come.

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